One of the most disappointing assumptions many people have about their careers is that they are stuck.  Many would like to change what they are doing and/or create a new opportunity for themselves, but they don’t know how or where to start.  The believe that their day job and family life inhibits their entrepreneurial spirit and there is simply not enough time in the day or help available to create a side project.  That is absolutely false.  Becoming an entrepreneur has never been easier and the formula for bringing something new to life is quite simple.  

There are only 3 steps necessary for becoming a successful entrepreneur, which can be done without having to quit a day job:


Prometa Health, along with countless other brands and businesses (both online and brick-and-mortar), were created using only these steps.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is most people fail to make the time necessary to execute each step and take serious action on their plan.  THIS TAKES WORK!!  As the old saying goes, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”.  Here, we wanted to provide the blueprint to become an entrepreneur, but it’s up to those who are serious about building something from the ground up to make the time and execute.  

Step 1:  FOCUS – What do you want to do/build/communicate/provide?

To help gain clarity and focus with respect to your goal, ask yourself questions like, “If I had all the money in the world, what would I do with my time, how would I contribute to society, make the world a better place?”

Utilize self reflection – “What did I enjoy as a child, spend my free time doing, what interested me in school, what was I good at/think I can become good at?”

Find a place where your passions and current/future skills intersect and start there.  

Don’t get discouraged if your ultimate goal takes days, weeks, or even months to come to you.  It’s important to spend a significant amount of time on it because the more passion you have for it and the more in line your vision is with your core values/beliefs, the more likely you are to overcome the inevitable obstacles associated with bringing your idea to life and making it a success!

Step 2:  PLAN – The blueprint has already been written, find someone who will show you!

Now that you have an idea, it’s time to put a plan in place.  The #1 thing you can do to help your success is find an entrepreneur or mentor who has done what it is you are trying to do (or something very similar in that particular field).  If you don’t know how to reach out to potential mentor or are not confident in your rapport skills, go no further until you have developed this trait.  This is the single most important business (life!) skill you need to excel in.  There are countless resources online that can help you improve your relationship skills and teach you how to connect with potential mentors.

A mentor will show you how to bring your idea to life, and once you become more educated along the way, you will be able to revise and adjust the plan going forward.  It may seem overly simplistic, but developing a relationship with a person who has accomplished something you wish to accomplish saves an incredible amount of time, money and frustration!

**Things to consider when planning (in addition to what your mentor offers):  Budget/upfront cost associated with bringing your idea to life vs time it may take to become profitable, researching similar products/industries, joining facebook groups or masterminds with similar interests and potential partners/mentors, finding your ideal customer and targeting them specifically, starting out small/niche product/service/content messaging, reverse engineering your idea (where do you see it 10 years from now, 5 years from now, 1 year from now and how to get to each point), setting smart goals that are specific and measurable in getting from point A to point B

Step 3:  ACTION – Excecute the plan with consistency, let the results determine the next action, repeat

Listen to what your mentor tells you to do and do it!  Generally speaking, every entrepreneur (whether they have a brick-and-mortar place or not) needs to create a platform.  A platform can be a website, blog, podcast, social media site – anything where you can interact with their audience/customers.  Again, if you don’t possess the skills to create a platform, they are easily attainable online.  Or you could just build a relationship/partnership with someone who knows how to ; )

** Things to consider (in addition to what your mentor offers):  Driving traffic to the platform (emails, word of mouth, Facebook ads, podcasting, etc), capturing your audience/establish a way to interact with them directly (their email address, their “follow” on your social media site, etc) asking the audience how you can improve your product, where they need the most help, what their pain point is, what they would be willing to spend money for, and deliver it to them!

Again, no matter what you do in terms of entrepreneurial ventures or businesses, you need a specific idea and a platform.  You also need to surround yourself with like minded individuals who have experience in the field you are entering, as well as the technical aspects you are going to need to create the platform.  Lastly, you need to make the time to execute!  This may require getting up an hour early or staying up an hour later (still getting quality sleep of course ; )  It will take work.  A little bit of consistent daily action will produce long term success!


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