There are so many studies out there that show diet is they key to health, happiness, mood, longevity, well being, disease prevention, etc.  Yes, sleep and exercise are also important when it comes to maintaining and optimizing physical health, but diet takes the cake.  You can absolutely lose weight, improve your health, look and feel great just by eating the proper foods.  You can detox the body, regulate hormone function, optimize organ function, increase energy (the list goes on and on) through eating!

This is going to be a random brain dump post talking everything diet related. Simply applying the Prometa Health philosophies when talking about a meal plan, we can throw out the term “diet” and “meal plan” all together!  Watch how simple this is keeping the 3 questions in mind:

What does God/the universe/your spirit tell you to eat?  Plants, animals, water (maybe a little wine for the Bible believers : )

What does logic and reason tell you to eat?  Organic, wild caught foods (vegetarian and vegans welcome : )

What does the experience of others and science tell you to eat?  Same as above.  We have yet to find articles siting the detriments of broccoli : )

This is so simple, yet so hard for people (especially in America!) to do on a consistent basis.  We eat for pleasure, want more flavorful items and bigger portions.  Eat to FUEL, not till FULL!! 

Specifically, eat wild caught/natural meats (beef, chicken, pork, fish), vegetables (especially green ones) and fruits (all of them!) – If you stick to that, you will be in great shape.

But what about all of the other great “healthy” foods like grains, nuts/seeds, dairy, that science shows can also be beneficial/tolerated?  Listen to your body here.   How do you honestly look and feel after eating those types of foods on a consistent basis?  If the answer is anything but great, cut them out.  

You can train your brain to crave the good stuff vs. the sweets!  Many fruits have plenty of good sugar that easily replaces the oreos and gets rid of the sweet craving.

What to drink?  Hmm about 70% of the human body is made up of it, as well as the earth itself.

Start with plants, animals and water, and then use science to optimize (particularly when to eat certain foods, macronutrient quantities, carb cycling etc).

A few more random points:

  • Intermittent fasting is good for you!  Plenty of science to back this one up
  • Protein powders can be good when trying to put on lean muscle (check out ONNIT)
  • Supplements can also be good (the right ones) – again check out ONNIT
  • The best diets we’ve tried were the mediterranean and paleo, which have been shown to be beneficial, but you don’t need to be on a diet!
  • Juicing and smoothies are great ways to get more greens in your diet
  • Coffee is also good, but don’t use the “healthy” excuse to drink lots of it – let’s be honest, are you drinking it for the health benefits or because you need the caffeine??  When your diet is rolling, you won’t need caffeine because you’ll have all of the energy in the world!!

How Needing to Be on a Diet Every Second Keeps You Dependent and Unfufilled 

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