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Prometa Health is a lifestyle brand dedicated to improving lives by providing unique ways to control stress and fear, increase energy, and utilize the power of the heart and mind.  Our goal is to empower individuals with the knowledge and resources needed for a comprehensive approach towards health optimization, both physically and metaphysically.  We aim to bring about a greater awareness of the heart-brian connection, heart energy and intelligence, subconscious reprogramming, new habit formation and the strong connection between beliefs and health.   


We are passionate about creating positive energy and reducing stress because a huge percentage of the illnesses in the world are due to this self-inflicted problem and completely avoidable.  Our focus is to improve physical health, but more importantly the mental and emotional components, which directly affect the physical. Proactive engagement in metaphysical practices that focus on empowering the heart and mind is key.  

We believe the best way to achieve optimal health is to strengthen core values, beliefs, mindset, and emotional well-being using techniques based upon the latest in science, logic and reason. Taking consistent action towards improving these metaphysical aspects of health, in addition to diet, fitness, and sleep, leads to increased longevity and the elimination of stress.



Brandon Hall

Community Member 

Certified cardiac device specialist with over a decade of experience in the field of heart health, fitness, nutrition, mindset and faith practices.  A former division 1 collegiate football player and current medical device professional.  Passionate about incorporating daily metaphysical practices to help improve physical health through the utilization of scientific research, logic and spiritual connection.

Tanner Hall

Community Member

Former collegiate baseball and current sales professional with extensive experience in health, fitness, and nutrition.  Fanatic jiu jitsu and cross fit practitioner.  Passionate about fitness education, nature, self-discipline and utilizing unique life experiences to help better the lives of others.

Brian Poillucci

Website and SEO Manager
Expert in website creation, programming, app building and search engine optimization.  Former digital and audio recorder who is passionate about music, growth and scaling businesses.

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