Author: Brandon Hall

Cold Therapy – Physical and Mental Implications

Many people on top of their health and fitness look for unique ways to enhance their gains and performance, without the aid of a pill or syringe.  Certain activities or techniques, often referred to as “bio hacks”, provide that extra desired boost.  One excellent bio hack that has been scientifically studied and widely utilized recently is cold therapy.   Cold therapy is simply exposing the body to cold temperatures in short intervals of time.  That can consist of cold showers, ice baths, wearing cold vests, standing or walking outside in cold temperatures, and even short stints inside cryo chambers....

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Reliability of the Bible and Why it Matters to Our Health

For billions of Christians around the world, including myself, the Bible (specifically the New Testament) is the primary source for our worldview, truth, meaning, and the way to live life.  These subjects are metaphysical in nature and drive us in our everyday activities.  They influence the way we show up in the world and have a profound impact on the way we take care of each other, as well as ourselves.  Deep understanding of the teachings in the Bible can benefit us in countless ways, especially our spiritual and mental health, which we can use to improve physical health....

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Finding the Ultimate Happiness

In my research with regards to spirituality and health, I came across a very interesting article by Fr. Robert Spitzer of the Magis Center regarding happiness.  He describes 4 levels of happiness that I want to touch upon because I believe it is critical, especially in this day and age, to understand how we can obtain ultimate happiness and why it’s good for our health.  The 4 levels described are as follows: Immediate (Personal) Happiness – Doing things solely for instant gratification, no regard for anyone/selfish, materialistic Comparative Happiness – Deriving short term gratification from comparing to one another,...

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Why Conor McGregor is on Top of the MMA World

My brother and I are huge MMA fans. He practices jui jitsu and as much as I would like to, I don’t, but I really enjoy watching it. I love all of the aspects of the community, such as the discipline, respect, willingness to teach and learn, the mentality required to outmaneuver an opponent and persist through tough positions. Even though we live five hours apart, we get together every couple of months and part of our visit usually revolves around watching the UFC. This most recent time we were witness to a historical event, highlighted by the biggest name...

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Teleological and Intelligent Design Arguments for God’s Existence

Teleological / Intelligent Design Argument for the Existence of God (found in the book Reasonable Faith by William Lane Craig): The fine tuning of the universe is either due to physical necessity, chance, or design It is not due to physical necessity or chance Therefore it is due to design “What is meant by fine tuning?  The physical laws of nature, when given mathematical expression, contain various constants (such as the gravitational constant) whose values are not determined by the laws themselves; a universe governed by such laws might be characterized by any of a wide range of values...

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