Author: Brandon Hall

Living a Life of Virtue – A Crucial Key to Health

I’ve often thought about the best way to describe living the “Prometa Healthy life”, or the best way to maximize daily metaphysical health.  Aside from mindset practices and actions such as prayer, meditation, visualizations and affirmations, I have found that conducting yourself in a virtuous manner in your daily life is also a crucial component.  What I mean by that, is, living a life of virtue with extremely high moral standards is powerfully impactful on your health in a positive way.   But what does living a life of virtue really mean and how can we acomplish this? If...

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Putting it all Together – Why Reality Makes Sense

I recently read a great book entitled The Story Of Reality by Greg Koukl, a leading Christian apologist.  The book simplifies the reasons why the way things are the way they are, and tackles the big questions, such as where we came from, why were are here and where we are going.  He does an excellent job of pointing out the explanations to those (and many other) aspects of our reality, which can be easily explained from a Christian perspective. I often think about those big questions, and have actually wanted to put my views about reality down for...

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Higher Power

One of the best ways to strengthen spirituality (specifically for those who believe in God) is to take the time to research all of the evidences and arguments for God.  By educating one’s self with regards to the existence of a higher power (outside of scriptural text) through science, logic, reason and philosophy, we can learn about its nature, strengthen our belief in it and learn to lead better lives.   I have come to the realization through my research and critical thinking that one of my favorite arguments for God, and essentially the reason for wanting to start Prometa Health,...

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Cold Therapy – Physical and Mental Implications

Many people on top of their health and fitness look for unique ways to enhance their gains and performance, without the aid of a pill or syringe.  Certain activities or techniques, often referred to as “bio hacks”, provide that extra desired boost.  One excellent bio hack that has been scientifically studied and widely utilized recently is cold therapy.   Cold therapy is simply exposing the body to cold temperatures in short intervals of time.  That can consist of cold showers, ice baths, wearing cold vests, standing or walking outside in cold temperatures, and even short stints inside cryo chambers....

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Reliability of the Bible and Why it Matters to Our Health

For billions of Christians around the world, including myself, the Bible (specifically the New Testament) is the primary source for our worldview, truth, meaning, and the way to live life.  These subjects are metaphysical in nature and drive us in our everyday activities.  They influence the way we show up in the world and have a profound impact on the way we take care of each other, as well as ourselves.  Deep understanding of the teachings in the Bible can benefit us in countless ways, especially our spiritual and mental health, which we can use to improve physical health....

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