Author: Brandon Hall

Teleological and Intelligent Design Arguments for God’s Existence

Teleological / Intelligent Design Argument for the Existence of God (found in the book Reasonable Faith by William Lane Craig): The fine tuning of the universe is either due to physical necessity, chance, or design It is not due to physical necessity or chance Therefore it is due to design “What is meant by fine tuning?  The physical laws of nature, when given mathematical expression, contain various constants (such as the gravitational constant) whose values are not determined by the laws themselves; a universe governed by such laws might be characterized by any of a wide range of values...

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Improve Your Physical Health by Improving Your Relationships

One of, if not THE, most important aspect of the human condition is our ability to form meaningful (loving) relationships.  So many of the podcasts I’ve listened to and business books I’ve read have stressed that the number one thing that you can do to better your position in life is to focus on relationships. Everybody is born with God-given talents and abilities; some with better presentation skills, some with better athleticism, some with a better voice, some with greater intellect;  but what everybody is born with is the ability to manifest meaningful relationships. Think about that for a...

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A Different Way to Think About Miracles

I believe that many people who reject certain religions have a simple belief, based upon current scientific knowledge and the environment we live in, that miracles just don’t occur. You can’t violate the laws of nature. People don’t heal the sick with the touch of their hand and they don’t rise from the dead. Honestly, I’m a man of science so I really have a hard time disagreeing, until I think logically, spiritually, and do a little homework. In the book I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist, the authors propose that the greatest miracle to ever occur...

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Focusing on Meals vs Sticking to a Diet

There are so many studies out there that show diet is they key to health, happiness, mood, longevity, well being, disease prevention, etc.  Yes, sleep and exercise are also important when it comes to maintaining and optimizing physical health, but diet takes the cake.  You can absolutely lose weight, improve your health, look and feel great just by eating the proper foods.  You can detox the body, regulate hormone function, optimize organ function, increase energy (the list goes on and on) through eating! This is going to be a random brain dump post talking everything diet related. Simply applying...

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Use Music To Improve Your Health

I am, and always have been, a music fanatic. In fact, my whole family is; it’s a must-have whenever we get together. The music blares and the singing (and laughter) quickly follows. For me, music is also a must-have for workouts. Have you ever really thought about why everyone seems to (or used to, thanks to podcasts!) listen to music while they exercise?  From my experience, many of the reasons are due to the fact that the music “pumps you up”, puts you in the zone, or gives you a little extra energy boost.  Ever notice how you feel...

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