Author: Brandon Hall

Beliefs and the Direct Impact on Physical Health

Why are beliefs so important? Let me share with you a few articles that show just how impactful spiritual beliefs can be on a person’s PHYSICAL health: How Spiritual Beliefs Relate to Cancer Patients’ Physical, Mental, and Social Well-Being “In the first analysis, investigators focused on physical health. Patients reporting greater overall religiousness and spirituality also reported better physical health, greater ability to perform their usual daily tasks, and fewer physical symptoms of cancer and treatment.” Negative Spiritual Beliefs Associated with More Pain and Worse Physical, Mental Health “Those in the negative spirituality group reported significantly worse pain as well...

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A Personal Meditation Experience

Why is meditation so important and so effective?  Apply the Prometa Health philosophies: Spiritual considerations: Meditations is referenced dozens of times in the Bible.  Jesus himself talked about it.  If the Bible is the inspired word of God, it must be pretty important.  Meditation is a way to connect with a higher/universal consciousness for those who don’t believe in the Bible or go the organized religion route.  Something “spiritual” can happen when meditation is done properly and regularly.  It’s good for the soul : ) Logical considerations: “Common sense” or logic tells us that if we perfom meditation in one of...

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