Author: Prometa Health Team

How to Develop New Beliefs

A huge deterrent towards health optimization (as well as many desirable things in life) is limiting beliefs.  For example, it’s no secret that processed/refined sugar plays a huge role if fat gain and obesity, but why is it still such an epidemic?Why don’t people just cut it completely out of their diet?   It’s not because cake, cookies and donuts just taste so damn good, it’s because people don’t think it’s possible to cut those foods out of their diet.  They don’t believe the could possibly eat healthy ALL of the time.  The don’t believe they could satisfy their...

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Neurogenesis and Neuroplasticity

Neurogenesis is a term that describes the generation of neurons, or brain cells. Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to change and form new connections, or pathways, in response to external stimuli.   These two terms are extremely important when it comes to metaphysical health practices and physical brain function.  Scientists once believed neurogenesis ceased to occur later in adult life.  Now, there is scientific data that shows it is, in fact, possible to generate new neurons as we get older.  We have the ability to grow new brain cells, essentially our entire lives, and the brain can...

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Tis the Season for Giving, and Giving is Good for Your Health

The holiday season is a unique time of year where people make a focused effort to give to one another and go out of their way to be especially kind and generous.  It’s a beautiful time where people go above and beyond to help one another and employ great acts of selflessness.  This is such an excellent time of year (aside from the obvious cheer and excitement the holiday brings) because giving is another activity that can be tremendously impactful for our health in a positive way! There are many scientifically validated benefits of generosity: Lowers stress Increases happiness at...

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Slowing Down our Perception of Time

One of the more fascinating aspects of the human mind is the ability to change the perception of time. It’s no secret that as we get older, time seems to fly by much quicker than when we were younger. There are ideas as to why this phenomenon occurs: Why Does Time Fly by as We Get Older? 1. We gauge time by memorable events. “We may be measuring past intervals of time by the number of events that can be recalled in that period.” 2. The amount of time passed relative to one’s age varies. “For a 5-year-old, one...

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Morning Routine Tips and Benefits

Why do I need a morning routine?  I thought you guys said sleep was very important in maintaining good health?  Get up at 5am EVERY day?  Weekends are my time to sleep in!!  I can do the same things during the day without having to get up in the morning.  Man it’s hard waking up that early! These are things we’ve heard over and over that are simply a load of you know what.  A morning routine can be the difference between a phenomenal day and a good/average/bad day.  As little as 30 minutes (1hr + ideal) can set...

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