Author: Prometa Health Team

Morning Routine Tips and Benefits

Why do I need a morning routine?  I thought you guys said sleep was very important in maintaining good health?  Get up at 5am EVERY day?  Weekends are my time to sleep in!!  I can do the same things during the day without having to get up in the morning.  Man it’s hard waking up that early! These are things we’ve heard over and over that are simply a load of you know what.  A morning routine can be the difference between a phenomenal day and a good/average/bad day.  As little as 30 minutes (1hr + ideal) can set...

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Mindfulness and Mental Imagery

Mindfulness is the act of being present, being in the moment, feeling the here and now.  Typically it is practiced through meditation, but you can apply it to physical health activities as well.  As an example, to be mindful while lifting (lets use biceps curls) is to focus on that individual muscle you are working.  Feeling the strain, breaking down of the muscle, if you will. Focusing on the upward movement as you curl the dumbbell towards your shoulder, as well as the downward motion.  Feeling  the perfect technique and literally working the muscle with your thoughts/brain as well...

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Motivation and Willpower

Do you ever wonder why goal setting is preached over and over in the workplace, in the gym, on the field, etc?  There are many studies that show goal achievement has a direct impact on motivation and willpower.  Small, incremental, achievable goals are they key that lead to an ultimately larger goal.  Little bursts of dopamine have been attributed to this: The Science of Motivation: Your Brain on Dopamine “The brain can be trained to feed off of bursts of dopamine sparked by rewarding experiences. You create the dopamine environment, and the brain does the rest. One way to...

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Posture and Physiology – Quick Fix to Your Mood

Let’s work backwards in this one.  The Prometa Health philosophy is to start with/engage in the metaphysical to directly affect the physical.  Well guess what – focusing on the physical can also directly affect the metaphysical as well (yes I know, no sh*t sherlock).  We’re not going to talk about exercise, diet, or sleep on this one, but a simple (yet often overlooked) practice that can instantaneously improve mood and bodily function.  We’re talking about posture. You can literally change the way you feel just by carrying yourself in a certain manner.  Try it.  Stand up nice and tall,...

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