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Posture and Physiology – Quick Fix to Your Mood

Let’s work backwards in this one.  The Prometa Health philosophy is to start with/engage in the metaphysical to directly affect the physical.  Well guess what – focusing on the physical can also directly affect the metaphysical as well (yes I know, no sh*t sherlock).  We’re not going to talk about exercise, diet, or sleep on this one, but a simple (yet often overlooked) practice that can instantaneously improve mood and bodily function.  We’re talking about posture. You can literally change the way you feel just by carrying yourself in a certain manner.  Try it.  Stand up nice and tall,...

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What is Metaphysical Health?

What exactly is Metaphysical Health?  When we use the term “metaphysical health”, we are referring to any non-physical (or “beyond” physical) aspect of health, generally dealing with the mind/body/spirit connection in some capacity. For example, many of the blog posts, articles, and references in here will include (but won’t be limited to): Meditation Mindfulness Mental imagery Conscious/subconscious/unconscious thought Purpose Beliefs Prayer Relationships World View Virtues Mind/Body/Soul/Spirit Connection Essentially these elements you can’t touch/taste or physically act upon, but believe it or not, all of these things can affect how you physically look and feel. They also directly affects your ability...

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