Author: Tanner Hall

Many Ways to Create Metaphysical Experiences

I get it.  Sitting in silence for 5, 10, 20 minutes, trying to keep your mind from wandering, trying to think about nothing and just live in the present isn’t exactly easy, nor is it sexy. Sometimes, especially for beginners, it’s not even fun. It’s a surprisingly hard feat to “just be”.  I faced that hurdle when I first started meditating. My mind was doing everything I told it not to: processing thoughts, concentrating on anything except for my breathing. Rest assured, this phase does pass, and you will get the benefits of meditation: stress reduction, a clear mind, pointed...

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Finding My Passion and the Life Changing Result

Passion…what is passion? It’s a powerful emotional feeling towards someone or something. I believe most of us think we have passion. I thought I was passionate about sports. I grew up playing all kinds of sports: baseball, football, basketball, swimming, diving, weight lifting. When I was 18 and looking at colleges, I chose to go to a school (College of Wooster, go Scots!) because it had a great baseball program and I thought it would give me the best opportunity to make it to the bigs. I thought I was passionate about baseball. Boy was I wrong. I’m so...

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The Importance of Quality Sleep

Most people know how important sleep is within the health community, but so many people still sacrifice it for their daily activities, or put it on the back burner with regards to other physical activities they perceive to be more important to achieving optimal health (exercise specifically).

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Employing the Simple Act of Movement

Everyone knows that movement and exercise is good for you, but not everyone does this on a regular basis.  There are so many different ways to get in a good workout that are fun, can be done in a group setting/with others, and ones that don’t even seem like you are working out!  Instead of listing all of the science behind movement, exercise, weight training (because it’s all good for you!) let’s do a random brain dump on this one based upon what the latest in science, common sense/logic says.   Importance of simple movement (we were designed to be movers,...

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