Author: William Kelley

5 Step Process to Increasing Relationships by Improving Socialization Skills

Relationships are the key to success, happiness and longevity in nearly every aspect of life.  From a spiritual perspective, essentially the reason why we are here on this earth is to form loving relationships with ourselves, our fellow human beings, and our higher power.  From a professional standpoint, they are a crucial factor in generating a sale, retaining a client, or empowering an employee.  Relationships are also extremely beneficial to our health, but sometimes they are hard to establish.  Some people are simply wired to be more secluded than social, lack socialization abilities, are anxious around other people, or...

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Develop Your Focus Through Meditation to Achieve Your Goals

Everything you are wanting to achieve and are currently experiencing in your life comes down to focus. Most people let their minds wander aimlessly about all day, under the illusion they are in control of where it goes. The truth is, most aren’t in control because of environmental factors and subconscious thought patterns they have developed over the years. Where is your attention the majority of each day?  Is it on the things bothering you, on what is wrong, or what is making you feel happy and right with your life? How you have failed on certain tasks or...

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