So many business podcasts have taught me this fundamental principle: those who are seeking entrepreneurship should find a problem that affects themselves and solve it. This involves finding your ideal customer, or avatar. I struggled with this for the longest time and always knew deep down that the ideal avatar was in fact me, but it took a while and many conversations with other people to bring it to the surface.

The person I was trying to help most through the Prometa lifestyle brand was in fact Brandon. In speaking with like-minded individuals I knew that my passions, research, and efforts would not only benefit my colleagues, family, friends, coworkers, mastermind group members, and people that I interact with on social media, but first and foremost they would benefit ME! 

For those of you wanting to delve into the world of entrepreneurship and create something to positively impact the world, start with a problem that affects you and something you’re trying to fix. Be your own ideal avatar. Interact with and engage with people who share similar struggles with yourself.  Go in depth with them and you will have your key demographic to start with in terms of product creation, content creation, and value proposition.

Instead of throwing things up against the wall and seeing what sticks, listen to your heart and follow your gut instincts from the get-go. Deep dive and do some self reflections on the challenges and struggles you face and wish to overscome in multiple areas of your life.  You’ll save yourself a lot of time, head scratching, potential he money with regards to building a brand or a product that will benefit not only yourself, but more importantly, others.  Also, it is easy to nail the characteristics of an avatar when it is in fact yourself.

Even though the core of Prometa Health is focused on metaphysical health optimization through the heart and mind, I love incorporating a little behind the scenes platform and business creation for those who share similar goals of creating their own one day.  Yes, health is by far the most important element of this platform, but most people don’t just stop there – their take their healthy bodies, minds and spirits and go do something (or aspire to do something great) with it in the world!  That often entails creating their own business or following a passion where, especially in this day and age, will require an understanding of the way platform and business operate.  

Start with yourself.  We all have challenges in life we’d like to overcome or solve.  Be your own avatar because there undoubtedly are others out there who are in the same position as you and who could benefit from the solution you can create!


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