Why the Prometa Health brand?

It took Tanner and I about 2 weeks to come up with the name Prometa Health.  We were trying to think of a word that encompassed certain buzz words like health, fitness, energy, life, longevity, proactive, etc. with adjectives like primary, total, universal, beyond, vital, etc.  We were having trouble with the word combinations, so we decided to write a few phrases to describe the what we were looking for.  Here’s what we came up with:

“Proactive health at your core”

“Health derived from spiritual action”

“Constant energy from above”

“Spiritual health is prime”

“Leverage metaphysical to improve physical”

“Proactive engagement in metaphysical health”

Bingo.  We used the last one to form Prometa Health.  Proactive metaphysical health.  It’s what we are all about.  Proactively engaging in and strengthening the metaphysical aspects associated with health, which directly impact/improve the physical aspects of health (see metaphysical health post to learn more). 

Once we had the name, we needed a logo.  Because I (Brandon) work in heart health, I liked the idea of some kind of symbol that looked like a heart in some fashion.  For me, it symbolizes both metaphysical (love, beliefs, morality, spirituality, connections/relationships) and physical health (cardio, blood flow, energy).  Tanner agreed.  The top of a heart resembles an “M” shape, so we used 99designs and gave them a few ideas.  We absolutely love the logo they created.  It was definitely a bonus that there is the appearance of an “H” in the middle that symbolizes health and lines up with the word in the full logo.  Not to mention our last name starts with H : )

A dark red color was always our first choice because red = energy and because the logo ended up shaped like a heart (think blood red).  It was a perfect color fit.  When we look at the logo, we get an influx of meaning and emotion.  Not because we helped bring it to life, but because it stands for something empowering (and will look cool on a t-shirt as well : )  

Building a brand is a cultural movement, and that’s what we hope to accomplish with Prometa Health.  We hope that one day people will associate meaning and emotion with our logo because of what they accomplished through it.  It’s all about improving health, showing up in the world alive, full of energy, and helping to change the lives of others.  We want to help our culture move towards healthier activities on a daily basis, get proactive about their spiritual, mental and physical health so that they won’t need to rely on drugs and other interventions later on in life to fix self inflicted, lifestyle related illnesses.  

Why Brand Building Is Important

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