My brother and I are huge MMA fans. He practices jui jitsu and as much as I would like to, I don’t, but I really enjoy watching it. I love all of the aspects of the community, such as the discipline, respect, willingness to teach and learn, the mentality required to outmaneuver an opponent and persist through tough positions. Even though we live five hours apart, we get together every couple of months and part of our visit usually revolves around watching the UFC. This most recent time we were witness to a historical event, highlighted by the biggest name in the sport, Conor McGregor.

Conor achieved something that has never been done before in the history of the UFC. He captured his second championship belt in a totally different weight division (he is currently the champion in a lower weight class). There have been champions in the past who have won the belt in different weight classes, but never at the same time. It is a huge accomplishment.

Conor is known in the MMA community for being a very brash, highly outspoken, cocky individual. His interviews are quite entertaining and riddled with crazy remarks. In listening to his recent interviews I was able to pick up on something buried in all of the trash talking and outrageous comments.

The specific comment that caught my attention was when a reporter asked him how he felt holding a belt on each shoulder and he simply said “familiar”. He later went on to explain how he had envisioned this day coming many times over and he’s also said the same thing in the past about previous opponents he has defeated. He has spoken many times about visualization and belief in his abilities, as well as hard work in the gym, leading to his success.

A key reason he was able to achieve such a feat was not because of his physical attributes and skills (which are excellent I should say) but rather his belief structure and visualization capabilities. He is able activate certain areas of his brain as if he were already there, in that moment, accomplishing his task of precision punching, grappling and ultimately winning the fight. He visualizes and then takes action to make those visualizations become his reality.

One thing I should stress is this takes time, as it has for Conor. He has been performing at a high-level both mentally and physically for many years and has been on a consistent climb to the top. He has developed stronger and stronger belief patterns over the years through his mindset and unmatched confidence, which are all metaphysical in nature and directly affect his physical capabilities and performance. Many of the opponents he faces are already defeated even before they fight because of his confidence and “mind games”. He is undoubtedly one of the best in the world at getting into his opponents’ heads and making his bold predictions come true.

How can you learn from Conor and utilize visualizations and mindset practices to improve your physical health?

First, you must put yourself into a specific environment (like the gym, playing field, nature) and create as much detail in your brain as you can. What does it feel like, what are your surroundings like, who is with you, what do you hear/feel/see/smell? Create a detailed image in your head and incorporate the activity you wish to accomplish. Do you want to run that marathon, hit the personal record on the weights, sleep 9 hours a night, eat clean healthy foods? You absolutely can do it, but you must first train your brain to believe you can.

Repeat the exercise over and over. Talk to yourself out loud. Write it down. Print it out or print out a picture and put it on your mirror.  Engulf yourself to the point of near obsession, because that is what it takes to make significant changes and become a master (if that’s what you desire).  Do this every single day and you will create a new belief pattern in your brain. You become what you think about most and you can literally activate the portions of the brain as if you were already in that new reality (almost like a fake it till you make it mentality). Once you have developed a clear vision and new belief pattern, you simply need to take consistent action (physically perform the task) and you will see results.


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