A huge deterrent towards health optimization (as well as many desirable things in life) is limiting beliefs.  For example, it’s no secret that processed/refined sugar plays a huge role if fat gain and obesity, but why is it still such an epidemic?Why don’t people just cut it completely out of their diet?  

It’s not because cake, cookies and donuts just taste so damn good, it’s because people don’t think it’s possible to cut those foods out of their diet.  They don’t believe the could possibly eat healthy ALL of the time.  The don’t believe they could satisfy their sugar cravings with fruit, or rid themselves of the sugar cravings all together.  It is very possible, and quite simple, to change beliefs (such as the one mentioned above), by utilizing visualization techniques and repetitive mindset practices.  

Think of beliefs in terms of patterns. Over the years, we have developed many beliefs because of what our senses have perceived within our world.  When we hear a message over and over, we tend to agree with that message and develop feelings towards it.  If we hear a song multiple times, for example, we begin to develop an association with it (an emotion), and it becomes committed to memory.

The same holds true with what we see, feel and smell.  We develop emotions that are tied to our sensations and they become ingrained into our subconscious mind.  Beliefs are developed over time due to repetition and emotions.  

What, then, is the key to changing our beliefs or establishing new thought patterns about things we perceive to be false right now, such as our looks, physical capabilities or health improvement?   Daily, consistent visualization practices where we create images of situations we want to turn into reality, as well as practicing mindfulness of the emotions developed when we put ourself into that new reality.

THIS article illustrates the power of visualizations:

“It is now a well-known fact that we stimulate the same brain regions when we visualize an action and when we actually perform that same action.  For example, when you visualize lifting your right hand, it stimulates the same part of the brain that is activated when you actually lift your right hand.  This shared area of brain activation when we imagine an action and perform it has been demonstrated extensively in the scientific literature.”

When we concentrate on something we want to attract into our lives, want to change, want to accomplish, we activate the same area of the brain as if it were already happening in our lives.  We can train our brains to develop new beliefs through visualizations.  This takes consistency and repetition (forming a pattern).

As an example, if you want to run a marathon someday and have only ever run 5 miles, the first thing you should do is visualize the positive aspects of yourself running.  Think about how happy you were, how much energy you had, how in shape you felt, how much leg strength and endurance you had, the fact that you could have run further.  Prime your mind, then get out there and run again.  Push yourself to your physical limits and be mindful of how your body feels at that point, as well as during the run.  Before your next run, repeat the visualization process.  Picture yourself going further, pushing past your “perceived” physical limits and flood your brain with positive thoughts.  In time, you will train both your body and mind to run that marathon.  

To develop a belief, you have to form new thought patterns and, in time, a new belief will become ingrained into your brain.  By writing down your goals, saying those goals out loud, focusing on emotions, and picturing yourself achieving a desired outcome (pushing past current limitations), you will train your brain to believe that goal is absolutely possible and it will subconsciously look for ways to make that goal become a reality.  Before achieving any goal, especially a lofty one, you must beieve you can achieve that goal.  You can train your brain to develop that belief!


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