Why do I believe in the God of the Bible?  Here are three major reasons known as the Cosmological and Contigency Arguments.  They are also refered to them as “the problem of infinity” arguments. These arguments are taken from books like “I Don’t have Enough Faith to be an Atheist” by Norman Geisler and Frank Turek, “On Guard” by William Lane Craig” and “Reasonable Faith” by William Lane Craig  (links below) . They are as follows:

Cosmological argument

  1. Whatever begins to exist has a cause
  2. The universe began to exist
  3. The universe has a cause

Contingency Argument

  1. Everything that exists has an explanation of its existence, either in the necessity of its own nature, or an external cause.
  2. If the universe has an explanation of its existence, that explanation is God.
  3. The universe exists.
  4. Therefore the universe has an explanation of its existence.
  5. Therefore that explanation is God.

Kalam Cosmological Argument

  1. An infinite number of days has no end
  2. Today is the end day of history (history being a collection of days)
  3. Therefore, there were not an infinite of days before today (i.e. time had a beginning)

Looking at all of reality and breaking it down into the simplest form (an atom, quark or whatever is the most fundamental particle – sorry I’m not a physicist so we’ll just use the atom), we can conclude that atoms were either created by themselves (or popped into existence out of NOTHING), always existed, or created by something.  I would hope that I don’t have to touch on the notion that something can pop into existence out of nothing, or create itself, so I’m not going to.  It doesn’t happen and can’t happen.  End of story.

Maybe atoms always existed?  Maybe they periodically just rearrange themselves over a ridiculously long period of time, into things like people, animals, planets, stars, universes, etc.  Here’s why I don’t believe that to be the case: It is impossible to have an actual sequence of events (like our days with 24 hour periods) from infinite past time.  Here’s an easy way to explain this and understand this: try counting from 0 to infinity.  0,1,2,3,4…. etc. Obviously that’s impossible.  If you can’t count to infinity,  what makes one think it’s possible to count down from infinity and get to the present day?  It’s illogical (see argument above). 

There are many other examples of sequential events, in addition to days, we observe in our reality and universe.  That is why I don’t believe the universe (or a multiverse) to be infinite.  Additionally, the second law of thermodynamics tells us that the usable energy of the universe is running out.  If you think of the universe as a car, the gasoline will eventually be totally consumed and the car will no longer move.  If the universe were eternal in the past, because of this law, the energy would have already been used up and we would not be here.

I’m sure some very smart physicists out there would turn to the multiverse theory to combat that point, in which I would then counter them with the BVG Proof.  That proof essentially states that ANY inflationary universe (like ours) or a multiverse with an average expansion rate greater than zero MUST have a beginning.  Going way down the rabbit hole here but thought it was worth mentioning (maybe future posts will dive deeper : ). 

But something has to be infinite, right?  There had to be a beginning to it all – the reality we observe today.  I mean “stuff” exists so the cause of that “stuff” has to be uncaused/infinite.  That leaves a creator as the most logical choice in my view.  Something created everything.  And here’s the catch – it’s perfectly logical for the creator to be infinite, which I’ll touch on below.  

So what’s next: I ask myself what the Creator is like?

Since everything we see around us is made up of “stuff”, it also follows logically that the creator can’t be made up of the same “stuff” (remember “stuff” can’t create itself).  If we look at a little science (which I absolutely believe in and believe is symbiotic with God), it overwhelmingly supports the notion of a space time reality which came into being at a little event called the Big Bang. I confidently believe that the creator is also timeless and spaceless (since time and space as we know it had a beginning).  Sprinkle in the obvious notion that this creator is pretty powerful.  Also, the world we live in is filled with an unbelievable amount of information, and information comes from minds.  Put it all together and what do we have?  

A timeless, spaceless, ridiculously powerful, immaterial mind who CHOSE to create all of space time reality as we know it out of nothing.  Notice the word CHOSE?  This creator is also personal because it made a choice.  Oh and I think it’s safe to say (based upon our very reliable senses and minds) that this creator is loving, since just about everything we experience, do, feel in some way, shape, or form has a relation to love.  Or we want it to relate to love.  

Hmm, starting to sound like the God described in the Bible?  Yup.  

Essentially what I believe to be God is the “maximally greatest being conceivable”. That is, maximally great in every possible way, the absolute ultimate (you fill in the blank). Most powerful, all knowing, all loving, moral, just, omnipresent being. A being that exists NECESSARILY out of its own nature.

This part, I will admit, is a bit hard to grasp at first, but hear me out. God exists necessarily out of his own nature because there has to be an uncaused first cause, a self existent entity (the alpha and omega perhaps?) who started it all.  Now I know some may be thinking “well who created God or how can God be infinite when you just said infinity doesn’t exist?  

Infinity doesn’t exist in our reality (our space time material world) but it’s perfectly acceptable to believe that is part of God’s nature.  Nothing created God.  Because something exists rather than nothing (and things don’t just pop into being out of nothingness), there HAS TO BE an infinite, uncaused, first cause.  Some believe that is the universe itself, or materials of nature, I do not.  

There are a few more examples for the existence of God I will touch on in future posts.  The Cosmological/Contigency arguments above for the existence of God are not my original ideas, I just believe them.  I love how they logically and philosophically point towards the existence of God, without even referencing a religious book.    

You may be asking yourself how exactly this pertains to physical health.  Let me shed some light:

Science confirms that beliefs, spirituality, purpose, prayer, etc lead to improvements in physical health.  ESPECIALLY beliefs in, and praying to, a loving, moral, personal creator.  It’s so important to know and believe in the TRUE nature of the creator to maximize the metaphysical and physical aspects of health.  Check out a few of these cool articles to see what I mean.  

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