One of the best ways to strengthen spirituality (specifically for those who believe in God) is to take the time to research all of the evidences and arguments for God.  By educating one’s self with regards to the existence of a higher power (outside of scriptural text) through science, logic, reason and philosophy, we can learn about its nature, strengthen our belief in it and learn to lead better lives.  

I have come to the realization through my research and critical thinking that one of my favorite arguments for God, and essentially the reason for wanting to start Prometa Health, is the fact that immaterial thoughts and feelings can have profound impacts on the material world.  Specifically, positive thought positively impacts physical health.  Good deeds not only benefit our fellow man/woman, but also improve upon our own well-being.  Non-physical activities or mindset practices, as well as states of love, empathy and forgiveness alter our chemical and biological make up.  

Why on earth do these activities physically impact the body in a positive way (lower blood pressure, reduce stress, increase energy, improve brain function) if there’s no meaning or purpose behind it all?  Why do immoral actions and self inflicted negative thoughts lead to illness, stress, substance abuse and certain health disorders?

If atheism is true and there is no ultimate creator of everything/supreme intelligence/universal consciousness, then why is it that all of the GOOD metaphysical (and some physical) actions we talk about here have positive impact on our health?

There doesn’t seem to be any evolutionary benefits of or naturalistic reasoning for the positive impacts associated with:

Prayer, Meditation, Mindfulness, Charity, Selflessness, Smiling, Singing, Empathy, Sacrifice

Now, some may argue for certain evolutionary reasons (which I would disagree with) and some may argue that these metaphysical concepts are, in fact, physical, consisting of chemical reactions within the physical brain.  There may be some truth to that, however, I believe the origin or source of a thought/feeling is not physical.  The reactions in the brain may just be the mechanism in which they are manifested.  The brain explains the “what” or the “how” but not the “why”.

Essentially, what I’m trying to say is this: anything that pertains to love and goodness makes us healthier and life better.  Positive metaphysical actions lead to positive physical reactions.  This, in my opinion, is a direct reflection of the nature of a higher power (who is the source for ultimate good and positivity) and the way life is intended to be lived.  

God is an infinitely loving, good, non-physical, personal mind and we are created in his image (obviously to a far less degree than infinite and perfect).  It makes sense to me that we would benefit so greatly from metaphysical activities that come from a place (or look to reach a place) beyond ourselves.  I believe the attributes associated with our higher power (love, goodness, forgiveness, etc) are a true reflection of its nature because we display those attributes to a certain degree, and when we do display them correctly, life becomes much better!


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