Beliefs drive everyday action and can lead to both positive and negative effects on health.  An important factor in health improvement is to change limiting or negative beliefs into positive ones.  Before you can change your current beliefs, you must first understand where they come from and how to change them.

Beliefs come from many sources:

Our environments

Our past knowledge or learning

Major life experiences or impact events

Metaphysical practices (meditations, visualizations, affirmations)

The easiest way to change a belief (which leads to action) is to develop a meditative practice of visualizing and affirming a new belief and programming that into the subconscious mind, where over 90% of our actions come from.  The optimal time to perform this practice is first thing in the morning or right before bed, where the brain is in a more relaxed brain wave state and the subconscious mind is more easily accessed.

Another easy way to change beliefs, especially negative beliefs, is to change the environment that causes them – particularly the media and social media.  Paying less attention to the news (which is full of negativity) and what society thinks you should believe (over an electronic device) and more attention to health improvement books/podcasts can drastically improve your mental and emotional state.  It can also act as a form of hypnosis or subliminal messaging for your mind.  Even if you aren’t paying your fullest attention to the health improvement content, your subconscious mind is taking in all of that information and can rewire your brain to look for ways in your everyday life to improve your health.

The last way to change beliefs may be a bit harder and usually follows the first two, but it involves action and life experience.  Many times a major impact event, such as the death of a loved one, terrorist attack or loss of a job can cause major negative beliefs.  Obviously, these are uncontrollable, as major negative life occurrences are, but what is controllable is the way we process those occurrences in our mind, which can minimize negative health effects and facilitate the internal environment for health improvement action.

In terms of a health improvement action, the key is to get started and start small.  If a goal is to develop a new healthy habit, such as running multiple miles a week to improve mental function and burn fat, the simple act of getting out there and running for a few minutes JUST ONCE can improve confidence and beliefs around running multiple miles in the future.  Taking small, consistent action is the key to developing beliefs that a larger goal is attainable.

Beliefs drive action and action produces results.  Work on changing negative beliefs or producing new positive beliefs to improve upon health.


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