Intuition is the process of “knowing” or “feeling” something without conscious reasoning.  It is the foresight of things to come, or things in remote locations not perceived with the senses.  Intuition is something we feel deep down and know we possess, but we can easily ignore because of its “woo woo” nature.  It is something that humans have been aware of for centuries, but because of western medicine and the huge amount of faith we as a society put in science, we don’t rely on our gut instincts, or what our hearts tells us.

Thankfully, there actually exists science behind the body’s intuitive process!  The Institute for Heart Math Institute studies have shown the intuitive process at work.  They conducted an experiments where subjects were instructed to look at a blank screen, press a button and after a few seconds pass by a picture would appear on the screen.  The picture would either be of something generating a strong emotional feeling or a calm feeling.  

They showed that both the brain and heart activity changes significantly about 5sec BEFORE the emotional picture popped up on the screen, and the heart reacted BEFORE the brain!  The heart was sending intuitive signals and changed before the event occurred in the future.  The emotion was being generated before the picture was seen!

This is exactly where “trust your heart“ comes from in the Prometa Health philosophy. The power of intuition is a factor in our everyday life choices and actions and plays a role in what to eat, what to consciously think, how to act, what path to take on our journey towards our goals, etc. By practicing meditation, visualizations, breathing exercises, invoking emotions that are positive and loving, we put our hearts and minds into a coherent state, thereby improving and increasing our intuition, as well as improving our brain function, our decision-making, our ability to focus and to form healthier habits.

Coherence is the state when the heart, mind and emotions are in energetic alignment and cooperation. Heart rhythms are smooth and balanced, and the body’s various physical processes are in sync with each other and functioning optimally.  Mental clarity and focus is greater during periods of high coherence. Combining mental clarity and focus with optimal heart-rhythm performance, presumably, would be ideal for enhancing the intuitive process, and that is precisely what scientists learned (courtesy of HeartMath Institute).

Intuition is very real and is a powerful tool in everyday life.  Practicing heart-focused meditative and mindful exercises can improve intuition and rid our minds of the everyday stressors society throws at us.  Trust and listen to your heart!


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