I’ve often thought about the best way to describe living the “Prometa Healthy life”, or the best way to maximize daily metaphysical health.  Aside from mindset practices and actions such as prayer, meditation, visualizations and affirmations, I have found that conducting yourself in a virtuous manner in your daily life is also a crucial component.  What I mean by that, is, living a life of virtue with extremely high moral standards is powerfully impactful on your health in a positive way.  

But what does living a life of virtue really mean and how can we acomplish this? If you are a Christian like myself, you’ve probably read or heard the phrase, “We are called to be sons and daughters of God” in various texts or religious gatherings.  When I think of living with virtue, I think of striving to become a son of God.  I think of doing everything in life as if I were morally perfect.  Obviously, you don’t need to be a Christian to do this, but to truly understand the various acts of virtue, I like to look to the one I believe to be THE actual Son of God to find the answers.

If you look at the life lived and teachings of Christ, the best way to describe how he lived, and how we should strive to follow suite, is with virtue.  Virtue, by definition, means living with high moral standard.  In fact, Christ lived (and embodies) the highest moral standard possible with all of his thoughts, words and actions.  To mirror this, we should exemplify the following with our own thoughts, words and actions:


Love (and everything pertaining to love) – Compassion/Passion/Empathy/Goodness/Kindness/Loyalty













Pretty hard, huh?  That’s why there was only 1 in history who lived an absolutely perfect life.  This doesn’t mean we can’t strive for perfection.  In fact, we should strive to employ virtue as much as possible because it will improve our lives, as well as our physical health.  We are going to fail, and we are going to purposefully do the opposite in many occasions.  Thankfully, we have a perfectly loving and merciful creator who provides a solution to our short comings.

Think about all of the benefits associated with living a life of virtue.  How great does it feel when you give selflessly and effortlessly to someone in need?  When you commit to accomplishing something and persist through the tough times until it is finished?  When you uniquely express yourself to someone and they return the gesture with love and compassion?

To life a life pleasing to God, according to the teachings of Christ, we should try to live in a state of perfect love, perfect beauty, perfect sacrifice, perfect selflessness, perfect joy, perfect health, perfect service, etc.  We should embody virtue; pursue moral perfection. Strive to live a morally perfect state, which will improve our emotional and physical state.

And of course, these virtues have health benefits, but that will be addressed in other posts : )


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