Moral argument for existence of God, taken from the book Reasonable Faith by William Lane Craig:

  1. If God does not exist, objective moral values and duties do not exist.
  2. Objective moral values and duties exist.
  3. Therefore, God exists.

“ Traditionally moral values have been based in God, who is the highest Good.  But if God does not exist, what is the basis for moral values?  In particular, why think that human beings have moral worth?”

If God is the ultimate good, maximally great in all aspects (especially love, kindness, goodness, morality, etc) then there is a perfect way to live and act in our lives.  The only way we can live is according to God’s standards, not ours.  Humans cannot determine the ultimate moral way to live because humans change and evolve, where God does not.

There is an absolute moral law an an absolutely perfect way to act/live, established from an absolutely morally perfect lawgiver. This is one of the best arguments for a creator that science can’t touch. Evil certainly exists in the world, but so does good. The majority of humanity knows what good is and how to act towards one another (it is written on our hearts : ). The kicker is some people may have a slightly different version of good and think the concept of acting moral and living a good life is subjective. That’s not the case. There exists an absolutely objective moral code by which we all should strive to live, given by an absolutely morally perfect creator.

Some say because evil exists, or because God allows evil to exist, that HE is not moral/the standard of morality.  How can God be the ultimate good when there is so much bad?  The answer, I belive, is free will.  If God were to a eliminate all of the evil in this world, he would essentially eliminate everyone’s free will.  This point refers to intentional evil.  

Additionally, there exists natural evils in the world (diseases, natural disasters, etc).  I believe the universe was created with the natural laws and physical characteristics we observe for our benefit, so that we could use our brains (science) to calculate the predictability of certain natural phenomenon, as well as for the bettering of our environment.  By removing all natural evils in the world, God would interfere with the essential necessary elements of our environment needed for sustaining life and function on the planet.  

How does this pertain to physical health?

Lets look at some of those elements of a perfect life, morally sound actions: love, selflessness, sharing, helping others, etc.  I haven’t found 1 scientific study that shows the detriments of any of these moral characteristics.  It all essentially pertains to love.  

God is the ultimate source for morality and love.  When we are full of love and act with love we are spiritually, mentally and physically healthier beings.  When our moral values and duties are strong, so is our physical health. There are plenty of scientific studies out there that show the physical benefits of living a life of service, gratitude, love, purpose, happiness, etc.  

How do we know what the absolute moral code is?  Because I am a Christian, I believe it is everything Jesus Christ displayed with what he said, did, and taught.  Even if you don’t believe in him, aren’t Christian, or think he was completely fabricated, look at how his life was described in the Bible (and outside of the Bible as well).  He lived an absolutely morally perfect life, was completely selfless, perfectly loving, kind, caring, friendly, humble and forgiving.  He was the ultimate human being and lived the way we should all strive to live (a sinless life for you Christians out there : ), in my opinion.  

When I use the Prometa Health philosophies, I conclude that Jesus existed and is the absolute moral code.  His example is what my spirit, the universe, my mind, science and others tells me is the way to go about my life.  Again, if you don’t believe in Jesus or that he even existed, its pretty hard to argue the way in which he was described to have lived was anything less than perfectly moral.


Reasonable Faith: Christian Truth and Apologetics


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