Why do I need a morning routine?  I thought you guys said sleep was very important in maintaining good health?  Get up at 5am EVERY day?  Weekends are my time to sleep in!!  I can do the same things during the day without having to get up in the morning.  Man it’s hard waking up that early!

These are things we’ve heard over and over that are simply a load of you know what.  A morning routine can be the difference between a phenomenal day and a good/average/bad day.  As little as 30 minutes (1hr + ideal) can set your mind and body up for thriving the rest of the day and enable you to deal with whatever life throws at you.  

Truthfully, it’s not that hard to get up early and knock out a solid morning routine, especially if you set yourself up properly to do so. It’s even easier to accomplish when you have someone else to join.  Want to know the secret to waking up automatically at 5am and crushing a morning routine on a consistent basis?  Here are 3 simple steps (and the third is optional for some people!):

  1. Purpose – the things you incorporate into your morning routine should be things you enjoy!  For example, read something you enjoy, perform a workout you enjoy, do it with someone you enjoy spending time with, etc. (if you try and do things that aren’t that enjoyable, you probably won’t want to get out of bed!)
  2. Meals – the last meal of the day is so important in enabling you to wake up easier (ideally all of the meals throughout the day are, but the last is crucial!)  Avoid meals that leave you feeling tired/bloated and instead eat something healthy (lean meats/fish/vegetables/fruits).  Also, don’t eat right before bed – ideally 1-2 hours before falling asleep
  3. Bedtime – go to bed earlier!!  If you go to bed by 10pm you’ll get enough sleep to be able to wake up at 5 (most studies say around 7 hours of sleep is a minimum for optimal health) – but you may be able to thrive on 5-6 hours, which is why this one is encouraged, but optional 

Once you set yourself for the morning routine, the actual activities become automatic.  You can knock out these personal activities before most of the country wakes up and have the rest of the day to devote to others and your job. To show up the best version of yourself, you must work on yourself daily, and this is best way to do so.  Countless CEOs, athletes, actors, and entrepreneurs attribute their successes to maintaining morning routines. 

The metaphysical activities performed during a morning routine (meditation, prayer/affirmations, mental imagery/mindfulness, reading, writing) are most impactful because the mind is clearest in the early morning hours.  In addition to the mindset and metaphysical practices, the morning is a very good time to get the blood flowing, as well.  

Here’s a little science behind the movement during the morning routine:

Why You Should Have a Morning Routine

“From a physiological standpoint, too, the morning hours offer some extra benefits. Working out in a fasted state, research shows, offers better benefits for fat burning and insulin sensitivity. There’s also the advantage of the natural a.m. cortisol surge. That means extra energy – to offer the day’s workout or to tackle the most challenging tasks. How many of us postpone our exercise and certain responsibilities as long as we can – only to face them during our least energetic and driven hours of the day. By that point, it takes seemingly ten times the physical and mental wherewithal to make ourselves follow through (e.g. the thousand pound workout bag).”


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