Everyone knows that movement and exercise is good for you, but not everyone does this on a regular basis.  There are so many different ways to get in a good workout that are fun, can be done in a group setting/with others, and ones that don’t even seem like you are working out!  Instead of listing all of the science behind movement, exercise, weight training (because it’s all good for you!) let’s do a random brain dump on this one based upon what the latest in science, common sense/logic says.  

Importance of simple movement (we were designed to be movers, not sedentary)

  • You don’t have to kill yourself 5-6 days a week in the gym to see results.  In fact, that is probably the wrong approach towards optimal holistic health.  Lifting 3 days a week (the burning muscle, sweaty type lifitng) and resting in between can be the way to go (especially if you are north of 30 years old!).  But simply going for walks, light jogs, brief stints on exercise machines should be done on the regular and are also very beneficial.  Just move for 20-30 min every day or every other day and try to work up to more strenuous activity.

Active rest

  • Rest days don’t have to consist of sitting for 12 hours.  Getting up and moving in some capacity, whether it be taking the dog for a walk, a few laps around the office every hour, working at a standing desk, etc. won’t slow/interfere with the recovery process.  Depending on your goals, cardio can also be employed on off lifting days (20-30 min jog, high intensity interval training, etc) – listen to your body here!  

Importance of sweating

  • Sweating has a ton of health benefits and if you want to see results, your workouts should end with a nice sweat.  Here are a few of the benefits below.  Again, listen to your body here.  You don’t have to get crazy with a workout plan (but you certainly can if you want).  You could just do jumping jacks until you break a sweat and you’d be getting a good workout!

Sweat Health Benefits – Why Sweating is Good for You

Weight lifting is soooo good for you

  • Lift weights.  That’s it.  (Ladies, you won’t get bulky!)

The 8 Biggest Myths About Weightlifting

Bulking can be bad for your heart

  • Just don’t go crazy with the weight lifting!!  Lean vs. bulky is the way to go here.  Think about all of the extra muscle/fat (mass) overloading organ function, especially your heart!  You are also at an increased risk for high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep and joint issues (among many others) when you bulk up.  Listen to your body/heart here with how much you want to life and how your body looks/feels after consistent lifting sessions.

The Dangers of Bulking on the Body

Long distance running vs sprinting

  • Sprinting is better.  You can get more out of 20-30 min of interval sprints (high intensity interval training) than you can an hour run.  Not as harsh on the lower body, better way to preserve muscle mass, better fat burner.  BUT long distance running (3-5 miles) is still good for you!  Running definitely should be incorporated if possible.

Total body movements vs isolated muscle groups

  • Body builders are probably going to focus more on isolated muscle groups where as “everyday people” should focus on total body movements.  Some form of push/pull movement for every exercise seems like the way to go, based upo the science.  The absolute basic, most fundamental movements that should be mastered are push ups, pull ups, dead lifts (picking up heavy things off of the ground), squats, and core exercises like planks/farmers walks/sit ups.  Really that’s all you need to have a “ripped” body!  

Some of the exercises we like that don’t feel like exercises and can be done with others:

  • GO RUCK, spartan races, any type of outdoor “warrior ninja” event
  • Cross fit
  • Jiu jitsu
  • Racquetball /squash
  • Basketball, flag/touch football

Try this when moving:  Keep it simple.  Do it daily.  Listen to your body.


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