How cool is the Placebo effect?

For those who are not familiar, the phenomenon known as the placebo effect in medicine is when a fake drug or treatment elicits a physical response in a patient, simply because they BELIEVED it was an actual drug that could produce actual physical changes in their body.  

Placebos have been shown to work both ways.  If a patient receives a placebo treatment and thinks it will make them better, they get better.  Conversely, if a patient receives a treatment that may make them worse, they get worse (sometimes called nocebo effect).

This phenomenon shows just how powerful the human mind is and why it is so important to focus on the metaphysical aspects of health!  You can literally improve your physical health by positively thinking about it, creating positive emotion and believing it!  The key is believing that you can do it…..

10 Crazy Facts About the Placebo Effect

“We take comfort in the routine of going to the doctor, being examined, going to the pharmacy and getting pills to take. We expect it to cure us and over time this expectation has become even more pronounced as our faith in science has strengthened. In the middle ages there would have been very little reason to have faith in the medical procedures that killed most people. But today, as medicinal abilities become perpetually more advanced, the impetus to have faith in drugs will continue to grow. With this, the placebo effect will simultaneously grow.”

Would ya look at that… as FAITH in science strengthens, so does the placebo effect.  This shows just how powerful faith and beliefs really are.  We seem to be hardwired to physically react to and physically change based upon faith and beliefs.  If beliefs are so powerful, why not try to strengthen them and take advantage of mindset practices every single day?

And think about this just for a minute: why are supplement companies and drug companies so profitable? Do you really think that every single drug and every single supplement on the market works??  Of course not, but people believe they work.  Again, I’m not saying that certain drugs and supplements do not work and are not required. But just imagine if you truly believe that fruits and vegetables (a clean diet), along with meditation or prayer, were all that you needed to optimize health. You may not need nearly as many drugs or supplements as you may think to feel better, healthier, more energized etc.  

You can use the placebo/nocebo effect to your advantage in many other ways, aside from science/spirituality/health.  You don’t have to believe in a loving personal creator, or a universal consciousness, or anything for that matter to take advantage of the power of beliefs.  Here’s how to use this to improve physical health, as well as other goals you may have in your life:

Why Placebos Work, and How You Can Use the Placebo Effect to Acomplish Your Goals

3 Ways to Use the Placebo Effect to Have a Better Day


Spend time each day strengthening your beliefs so that you can use the power of your mind to improve your health and wellbeing.


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