Let’s work backwards in this one.  The Prometa Health philosophy is to start with/engage in the metaphysical to directly affect the physical.  Well guess what – focusing on the physical can also directly affect the metaphysical as well (yes I know, no sh*t sherlock).  We’re not going to talk about exercise, diet, or sleep on this one, but a simple (yet often overlooked) practice that can instantaneously improve mood and bodily function.  We’re talking about posture.

You can literally change the way you feel just by carrying yourself in a certain manner.  Try it.  Stand up nice and tall, puff your chest out, hold your head up slightly and smile.  Hold it there for a bit. How do you feel? Conversely, slouch down, shoulders forward, belly out, head down and hold that position for a bit. Now how do you feel?  Feel at least slightly better in the first position?  It’s crazy that these simple physical changes can drastically and immediately change the way we feel. 

In this article, 5 tips are listed that can be done anytime/anywhere:

5 Tips for Physically Changing Your Mood

  1. Loosen up – Loosen up your muscles and posture by walk about, and swinging your arms, move your muscles. Aim to achieve the opposite posture to the negative one and as quickly as possible.
  2. Sit less and move more – enough said, get up and move!
  3. Walk better! Develop a better walking style. Walk a little faster.  Aim for a slight bounce or spring in your step. Swing your legs from the hips. Swing your arms. As you walk look around you and above you rather than at the ground.
  4. Sing out loud!! (not really posture related, but also works to improve mood!)
  5. Smile : )  literally force yourself to smile and hold it there until your mood changes – it will

There is great science behind posture and physiology as well.  By focusing on and optimizing the way you sit/stand/walk, you can improve bodily functions such as blood flow, digestion, memory, reduce bone stress, reduce headaches and improve overall mood.  When we sit up straight or stand up taller, we achieve a sense of confidence and power.  These other articles below dive deeper, but the concept is really quite simple.  Consciously work on your posture daily!

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