Positive thought is good for your heart and a whole host of other physiological functions.  I could list a ton of studies and articles on the power of the positive, but in the interest of time and your attention span, I think I’ll just list a couple and talk a little bit about how to think more positively and mitigate bad stress.

How Optimism May Be Good for Your Heart

“Individuals with the highest levels of optimism have twice the odds of being in ideal cardiovascular health compared to their more pessimistic counterparts,” said lead study author Rosalba Hernandez. “This association remains significant, even after adjusting for socio-demographic characteristics and poor mental health.”

The Scientifically Proven Mental Shift That Makes You Physically Healthier 

In the study, they tracked 30,000 American adults for eight years, and found that people with a lot of stress had a 43% increased risk of dying — but only if they believed stress was harmful. On the other hand, those who had a lot of stress, but didn’t see it as harmful, did not have this increased risk.”

Say it Out Loud: I’m Creating a Distinctive Memory

THINK OUT LOUD!!  Like the Ed Sheeran song : ) Why? It’s an impactful way of creative positive thoughts that become memories that stick with you and can override stressful thoughts.  As shown is the study, you remember words you vocalize better than ones you say in your head in silent.  

I remember reading the books “Think and Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill, along with “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne when I first graduated from college and entered into the working world.  My first job was big into corporate culture, self development and achieving greatness in all aspects of business, as well as life.  These are absolute must reads for EVERYONE.

Essentially, without giving too much away for those who haven’t read the books (I can’t imagine too many of you haven’t), the books describe the power of positive thinking, and specifically attracting certain things into your life.  You become what you think about most, and/or eventually accomplish what it is you set your mind on because of the absolutely power of the mind.

When you flood your brain with positive thought and specific goals/actions, your subconscious mind starts looking for things in your environment to make those goals come to life.  You have a better ability to overcome fear and take risks, as well as more motivation to learn new skills or reach out to a new mentor for advice with anything you are trying to accomplish.  

Obviously, positive thought has a profound impact on health.  Tell yourself over and over you can lose weight, eat healthier, go for that 5 mile run.  Feel yourself improving on a daily basis in the gym or wherever it is you workout.  Set goals.   Meditate and/or pray (these work for just about anything honestly) EVERY DAY.  Militate stress and get rid of the negative shit!!  It will work the opposite way if you allow it!

Life is way too short and precious to be anything but positive at all times.  You have the power AT ALL TIMES to create positive thought, control your emotions and respond to any time of environmental stimulus.  Work on the mental game, along with the spiritual game.

Think and Grow Rich – Napoelon Hill

The Secret – Rhonda Byrne  

How to Create a Beautiful Life with Thought 


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