The foundation and philosophies of Prometa Health directly relate to/stem from the 3 aspects of health:

Spiritual, Mental and Physical

It is our passion and desire to help people improve physical heart health (which also benefits the rest of the body) through leveraging and strengthening their metaphysical (spiritual/mental or emotional) heart health.  Simply put:

Proactively engage in metaphysical heart health actions (meditating/praying, deep thought, mindfulness, mental imagery, virtue, etc.) to improve upon physical heart health.

In addition to those actions, we ask ourselves questions like “what does my heart tell me”, “what does the universe tell me”, “what does God tell me/God’s word say”, when performing the physical activities.  We utilize our minds, logic, and reason with regards to diet, fitness, nutrition and sleep.  Lastly, we consult the physical world, such as science, our environments, and the experiences of others, but we always start with the metaphysical.  Very simple, very effective, yet so many people seem to rely only on the science part and rarely the spiritual/mental. 

Here are three philosophies derived from these questions we ask ourselves when employing health practices.  Years of proactively engaging in total health strengthening activities, as well as utilizing science and the experience of others, have led us to these specific actions built upon the 3 aspects of health:

  1. Trust your heart (God/Universe/Spiritual aspect of heart health)
  2. Keep it simple (Logical/Psychological/Mental aspect of heart health)
  3. Do it daily (Physical/Scientific aspect of heart health)

Here’s how we would correlate these to diet, as an example  –  when determining how often to eat and how much to eat, listen to your body.  Eat when you are hungry and eat until you stop feeling hungry/are satisfied (not full).  Eat real food made by God, or produced from the earth (simplistic).  Doing this daily will lead to excellent heart health, from a physical perspective.  Done.  Keep it simple.  No “diet plan” or meal plan necessary.

There are numerous scientific papers (which will be discussed in great detail in additional posts) that show the benefits of these actions.  For example, it’s much easier to deal with 1 simple task at a time rather than multi task (keep it simple).  You have to do things consistently (daily) to form new habits.  If you treat your body well it will respond in kind and let you know how to optimize what you are doing (how much to eat, how often, when to workout vs rest, how long to meditate to feel an effect, etc) by listening to it. In the majority of the posts in this website, you will find these philosophies utilized to break down each topic and (where applicable) to show how physical health can be improved by leveraging the metaphysical aspects.  

The reason we take this approach vs. a specific, concrete “plan” (meal plan, workout plan, meditation plan, etc) is because there is no one size fits all process, it’s based upon the individual.  These actions and philosophies can be utilized by any person, anywhere, and in any environment.  You can live an extremely healthy life without access to the technology we have today (gyms, health trackers, devices, supplements, etc).  Diets and fitness plans work, but they are usually short term.  Long term heart health optimization is the goal, and mastering metaphysical practices is the key towards achieving it.  

Our Rationale

Most everyone wants to improve their current situation by going directly after the physical aspect of health. We have proven ways to do that, with thousands of meal plans, diets, exercise routines etc (that all work!). Before you can improve your situation and take action you must improve your metaphysical health (spiritual and mental elements) or else you won’t stay consistent/have necessary energy to make lasting change. The #1 way to improve health is to focus on spiritual strength, first and foremost, because that directly correlates and affects the mind,  which then affects the body.

Another way to put it is to work backwards: The best way to improve physical health is with diet, exercise and sleep.  You need a strong mental game to consistently work out, eat well and get high quality sleep.  Taking it one step further, you need a strong set of beliefs, core values and sense of purpose (spiritual elements) to want to make the choices to live healthy lives.  And, funny enough, one of the best ways to exercise your brain and increase the mental game is by strengthening your faith!

How God Changes Your Brain: Breakthrough Findings from a Leading Neuroscientist – Andrew Newberg M.D.

Directly out of this book (link above) – THE NUMBER 1 WAY TO EXERCISE YOUR BRAIN IS: FAITH

In addition to faith, if you smile, engage with others, and pray more, you will also increase your brainpower.  Those are just a few  ways to attack the spiritual element.  You are going to find many others in here to help you tap into your spirituality, strengthen your mental game, and improve your physical health!  Start with the “meta” and the physical will fall right in line : )


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