What is our purpose, how do we find it, and why is it so important?

Talk about the mother of all of the tough questions!!  This BIG life question is another example of why it’s imperative to focus on the metaphysical.  Belief in a loving God or higher power/universal consciousness who put us here for a specific reason, and wants us to realize our purpose, has such positive effects on our mental and physical health (as well as the lives of others) once we realize that specific purpose!    

Many studies show why purpose is beneficial to physical health and longevity.  Below I want to give an example of how to hone in on yours (that you can tie into other aspects of life, other than your health) that I learned through mastermind groups and over a decade in corporate America.  But first, I’d like to highlight one of the studies:

Purpose in Life Is Good for Your Health | Everyday Health

[Reviewing data from ten studies involving 136,000 men and women, Dr. Cohen and his colleagues found that people with a low sense of purpose, as measured by psychological surveys, were more likely to have a stroke, heart attack, or coronary artery disease requiring a stent or bypass surgery.

Individuals with a high sense of purpose had a lower risk of developing the same conditions. “We found a 23 percent reduction in mortality and a 19 percent reduction in cardiovascular events among those people,” Cohen says. That puts living purposefully on a par with other protective things people do, like engaging in exercise.

“What was so remarkable was that regardless of the country where the study was conducted, regardless of how purpose in life was defined, the effect was consistent,”]

I truly believe (aside from being the best father and husband I can be) that one of my purposes in life is to help people live healthier lives.  Specifically, I want to help save lives, in a certain way.  Selling life saving medical devices for 10 years, I have accomplished that to a certain extent (the pacemakers and defibrillators I provide and program literally save people’s lives).  Growing up I wanted to become a doctor in large part because my mom is a nurse, I’ve always been fascinated with the human body and I’ve been exposed to very sick family members at a young age.  However, I decided that I loved the business world in college and didn’t want to put in all of that schooling and possibly feel trapped later in life if I wanted to head down a different path.  I ended up helping to save lives in a different way after all!

The reason I share this is because I know what my passion and purpose is when I reflect upon my past and where I am today.  When I combined that passion with what (I believe : ) I’m good at, the end result is a successful career in medical device sales and the creation of a proactive health brand, which both aim to save lives.  My medical device sales job is in the reactive health arena, so I decided to tackle the health issue before it gets to the point of medical intervention.

I have no doubts that a clearly defined purpose has helped me stay on top of my health, family life, business and personal life.  If you are having trouble with determining yours, or want to change course, simply reflect upon your passions, interests from your childhood to today and combine that with which you excel.  

What does God/the universe/higher conscience tell you about the direction of your life, where you’ve been and where you are headed (or would like to be heading)? What about the things you’ve done, would like to do, and what are your innate passions/beliefs? Everyone has that internal voice that has been with them their entire lives.  Tune into that, reflect upon childhood experiences, as well as profound experiences during adulthood.  

What does your brain tell you about your purpose?  What are you good at now, what new skills do you think you can acquire easily that you could apply to your passions and turn into a business or help people with.  What does science, your environment, others tell you about your purpose?  What do others say you excel at?  We all are good at something!

Everyone has a specific purpose in life stemming from unique talents and abilities.  It takes time to realize that purpose, but it is imperative to continuously strive for it and not to get discouraged if it takes longer than expected.  Not only is a sense of purpose good for your health, but once you realize it and take action, the people in your life (heck, the world!) become better as a result.  

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