I recently read a great book entitled The Story Of Reality by Greg Koukl, a leading Christian apologist.  The book simplifies the reasons why the way things are the way they are, and tackles the big questions, such as where we came from, why were are here and where we are going.  He does an excellent job of pointing out the explanations to those (and many other) aspects of our reality, which can be easily explained from a Christian perspective.

I often think about those big questions, and have actually wanted to put my views about reality down for a long time, and this book has inspired me to do so.  I wanted to make a sort of quick reference guide I can refer back to and read when I get a bit lost, so to speak.  I’m hoping this post is it, and it will be helpful to others in that way as well.  I thought maybe putting a little health spin on it at the end would be fitting since this is a health website.  Here goes:  

Because something (reality/matter/atoms/physical objects) exists rather than nothing, there has to exist an uncaused, first cause that exists necessarily out of its own nature.  Either this entity is matter itself, or something that created the matter.  I believe it’s something that created the matter (for a multitude of reasons) – Problem of Infinity, Finely Tuned Universe, Existence of Good and Evil/Morality, Cosmological Beginning (see the other Spiritual posts).

Looking at my reality and utilizing science, logic, reason, and my conscious mind, I can conclude that this something must be “the absolute” in terms of power and intelligence.  No other entity can be greater, or that entity would then be creator of it all, or “the absolute”.  It must also be spaceless, timeless and not made of matter (because it created all of those aspects of reality).  It must also be personal because it made a choice to create.  

Again, looking at reality, I can also conclude this personal creator is absolutely loving, absolutely moral, and absolutely perfect with respect to everything that is good.  The common thread in all of humanity is love and goodness (well, the potential for goodness).  Evil certainly exists in the world, but evil is caused by the world’s inhabitants, not its creator.  We know evil exists in the world because we have something to compare it to – absolute goodness and a moral standard set by the creator.  

It makes sense that a perfectly loving, personal creator would bring to life creatures that are similar to that creator – beautiful, loving, intelligent, conscious and free.  The key here is free – a perfectly loving creator would not create robots that are made to love and obey it, rather that make free choices to love and obey.  On a side note, as a father, it is infinitely better when my children do good and tell me they love me out of the free will they possess and kindness in their own hearts, rather than because they have to.  

Free creatures, however, are going to make mistakes and are going to do evil purposefully, and because the nature of the creator is everything that is good and must be intolerant of anything less than good, it is also just – it must deliver justice.  All of it’s free creatures are deserving of justice because there isn’t one free creature that has lived a perfectly good life.  

Well, actually, here’s where things get interesting.  There existed one free creature who lived a perfect life, was the moral standard for all of humanity, taught the rest how to live, how to aspire to be perfect like the creator,  and so much more.  This creature was actually one with the creator, an earthly extension, so to speak, or part of the creator.

Because the creator is absolute goodness, it is also absolutely merciful, as well as absolutely just.  It makes sense to me that this perfectly loving creator would enter into its own creation, show its creatures how to live and embody its perfect characteristics, and perform the most loving act possible – take on the just punishment its creatures deserve upon itself.  This is why Christianity makes perfect sense in my reality.  

This is why I believe in a soul, in heaven, in metaphysical practices that improve our physical bodies.  Our material bodies are powered by our immaterial souls.  Our spiritual energy is the foundation of our very being and directly affects our entire reality.  I believe our creator wants us to tap into this power, use it to develop a relationship with it, as well as one another.   

We have the ability to improve our lives and the lives of others through countless metaphysical health practices that all have profound positive impacts because the source of that spiritual and mental power is the absolutely loving, powerful, intelligent, good creator that wants us to use those gifts.  The creator entered into this world and preached about numerous metaphysical practices that have been scientifically shown to improve our health and our lives.

Because of everything I’ve just described above I approach all health related activities with my Christian goggles on, so to speak. It goes without saying that mindfulness, meditation, prayer is a huge component. But also when I think about physical health, such as diet, I think about the foods that are creator made for us. What man-made food item could be better for us with no side effects than that which the creator providers in its most natural form?

I think about listening to my body/heart/consciousness during physical activity because I believe my creator is within me constantly speaking to me in ALL I do.  I believe I and I am created in its image and I have an obligation to take care of my body that I have been blessed with.  If I fill my mind/body/spirit with positivity it will in turn provide me with positive feedback.

When I think about my purpose, meaning in life, the big questions out there I need not look any further than within myself. This may take time due to my current environment/reality, but nevertheless, the answers will come from my creator within me.  

When I put it all together, my reality and the world I see makes perfect sense, and is as I would expect it to be.  We were all created with certain characteristics and metaphysical capabilities that, when tapped into, improve our lives and the lives of others.  We need not look any further than within ourselves and our own hearts when trying to improve our health and well-being.


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