For billions of Christians around the world, including myself, the Bible (specifically the New Testament) is the primary source for our worldview, truth, meaning, and the way to live life.  These subjects are metaphysical in nature and drive us in our everyday activities.  They influence the way we show up in the world and have a profound impact on the way we take care of each other, as well as ourselves.  Deep understanding of the teachings in the Bible can benefit us in countless ways, especially our spiritual and mental health, which we can use to improve physical health.  But how do we know that the Bible speaks truth?

Andy Bannister ( of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries addresses this question very well.  Although I believe there many excellent reasons, he gives three extremely important ones I’d like to share and touch upon:

  1. Bibliographical test

Is today’s version like the originals? The answer is yes, there exist thousands of ancient (consistent) original manuscripts. The biblical text was very well preserved from the ancient manuscripts.

  1. Internal test

The New Testament writings were eyewitness accounts dating back to the mid first century, just a few years after the death of Jesus.

  1. External test

Archaeology demonstrates that the writers knew their history, new their geography, new their politics – they included extremely detailed accounts of the people and places of the time (which may seem irrelevant) but are extremely important pieces of evidence to show they were accurate in telling the truth

Since I believe the Bible to be true, I obviously believe Jesus Christ of Nazareth existed and was who he said he was. Non biblical writings also confirm Christ existed and nearly all historians agree Jesus actually walked the earth. The New Testament has been reliably and reasonably shown to be true due to the eye witness accounts, early testimony, and explosion of the Christian faith (among many other examples).

Jesus, on numerous occasions, quoted from and preached the Old Testament as truth. If he was truly God made flesh, then the Old Testament is reliable, as well as the New Testament.  Put 2 and 2 together and you get the entirety of the Bible = Truth.

If you have read at least some of the Bible, you most likely came across countless pages of lineages, historical figures/people, and places that can be authenticated through archeology and extrabiblical texts.  There are also hundreds, if not thousands, of Biblical scholars who spent their lives studying the Bible and its manuscripts that believe what the authors were talking about is true.  

If the books of Bible were not true (most importantly the New Testament), then the thousands of people over many years who made it their life’s work to study the Bible were wrong, all of the archeology findings were wrong, all of the EXTRA Biblical documents that talk about the same figures/places in the Bible are wrong.  Christianity itself is wrong and we are to be pitied, as the apostle Paul wrote, for believing it to be true.

Thankfully, there are excellent arguments and evidences supporting the claims of Christianity in the Bible.  The people and places existed, it is historical text and includes a wide variety of psalms, poetry, and teachings inspired by our Creator.  Jesus really existed!!  We have excellent, detailed eyewitness accounts of a morally perfect, loving, miraculous, prophecy fulfilling, divine man who changed the way mankind thought and acted forever.  Even if you don’t believe he is the Christ and our savior, the fact that he existed and the things he said about himself (as well as the way to live and the existence of God) should really get you thinking.

Why do I even write about this on a health website?  I am trying to help people think more about their core beliefs, purpose and meaning in life.  I want to help facilitate critical thinking, employ reasoning and go beyond childhood upbring/faith alone with regards to world view, big questions like “why we are here in this world” and “what we can do to improve it”.  I want to help people to tap into their metaphysical side and strengthen their spirituality because that is the driving force behind all health related actions.  I’d love to invite non-Christians to consider the teachings of the New Testament and look into the person of Jesus.  

Our beliefs and understanding of truth drives us in our everyday activities and we need to tap into this metaphysical aspect to improve upon our physical health.  When we look at the teachings of Christ and other biblical writers, we find meaning, purpose, love, hope, and core values that shape us as humans.  These metaphysical attributes influence the decisions we make with regards to health improvement.  By engaging in our spirituality more frequently, we establish a stronger mental foundation with which we can use to improve the way we look, feel, and show up in the world.


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