The reason I bring up the topic of science is because far too many people trying to improve their physical health focus heavily on scientific realm and not the metaphysical. What drives us to WANT to improve our physique, energy levels, eat the apple vs the donut (most of the time, not all of the time ; ) – it’s our mindset, willpower, beliefs, sense of purpose.

I find it puzzling and almost arrogant that some people believe science can explain everything and that the material world contains all of the answers for things like health improvement, for example.  I absolutely love science.  I work in the medical device industry.  It works.  But it has its limitations. It is constantly changing and evolving.  It describes the physical world, but because the “meta” exists, it can’t explain certain things like:   

Consciousness, self awareness, mathematics, rationality of numbers, logic, minds, ethics, aesthetics, morality, how life started, WHY life started, why we are here (you know those biggy questions), even science itself, to name a few.

Here are some more examples that  science can’t explain (there are a bunch!):

Spooky!  Top 10 Unexplained Phenomena 

I’m certainly not saying that science, in the future, will not be able to explain many of the unexplained phenomena of our world right now, because I believe it will.  I also believe there are many things that it will NEVER be able to explain, so we shouldn’t put all of our eggs in that basket.  I’m specifically referring to naturalism and materialism.  I don’t think the material world is all there is (and ever was) and I don’t think experimentation and natural processes come close to explaining everything we can experience in our lives.

I believe God gave us science as a means to better ourselves and learn about his wondrous creation. But in terms of health, be proactive and stay away from the science at first (drugs, supplements, etc) and try what God made (as I like to refer to it).  Focus on the metaphysical health practices described throughout this website and then utiling science to optimize your health, if you chose.

In my opinion, you don’t even need the science to maintain a “healthy” life.  If you eat real, organic, earthly foods in their most natural state (specifically beef, chicken, fish, fruits, veggies, legumes, sweet potatoes), exercise (sweat!), meditate/pray often, and get high quality sleep, you can thrive without touching any scientifically generated substance.  I’M NOT SAYING TO AVOID THOSE (I take a multivitamin daily and consume a decent amount of whey/hemp protein powder), I’m simply saying to rely less on man made substances and implement metaphysical practices into your daily life.

5 Things Science Can’t Explain


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