Teleological / Intelligent Design Argument for the Existence of God (found in the book Reasonable Faith by William Lane Craig):

  1. The fine tuning of the universe is either due to physical necessity, chance, or design
  2. It is not due to physical necessity or chance
  3. Therefore it is due to design

“What is meant by fine tuning?  The physical laws of nature, when given mathematical expression, contain various constants (such as the gravitational constant) whose values are not determined by the laws themselves; a universe governed by such laws might be characterized by any of a wide range of values for those such constants.  Take, for example, the simple law like Newton’s law of gravity F = Gm1m2/r^2.  According to this law, the gravitational force F between two objects depends not just on their respective masses m1 and m2 and the distance between them r^2, but also on a certain quantity G which is constant regardless of the masses and distances.  The law doesn’t determine what value G actually has.  In addition to these constants, moreover, there are certain arbitrary physical quantities, such as the entropy level, which are simply put into the universe as boundary conditions on which the laws of nature operate. They are, therefore, also independent of the laws. By “fine tuning” one means that small deviations from the actual values of the constants and quantities in question would render the the universe life-prohibiting, or, alternatively, that the range of life-permitting values is exquisitely narrow in comparison with the range of assumable values.” – William Lane Craig

So what does all of that smart sounding stuff mean?  Mathematically, the odds of a life permitting universe, such as the one we live in, are astronomically bad.   Also, the gravitational constant is not the only finely tuned constant – the other fundamental forces (strong, weak, electromagnetic) fall under the same “finely tuned” umbrella, as well as a host of others.   I think that’s why you may hear a lot about the multiverse theory.  It’s very hard to accept that maybe this universe is all there is, based upon the math and physics, so we go looking more more into the science realm because God as the answer is simply unacceptable to some.

Take a look around.  Not only does fine tuning seem to exist, but also design is everywhere!!  Not the appearance of design, but INTELLIGENT DESIGN!!  Ever heard of the golden ratio?  (Check out the links below)

What is the Golden Ratio? – Live Science

“The golden ration is a special number found by dividing a line into two parts so that the longer part divided by the smaller part is also equal to the whole length divided by the longer part”

“The golden ration also appears in all forms of nature and science”

The Human Body and the Golden Ratio

And also check out Fibonacci’s sequence (another appearance of design in nature):

The Fibonacci Numbers and Golden Section in Nature

These are a few examples of intelligent design found in our world, but there are many others.  Design is everywhere! We truly are special.  We live in the perfect situation in space – just the right distance from the sun, just the right spot in the galaxy, we have just the right monstrous planet in our solar system to protect us from asteroids (Jupiter).  To the best of my knowledge, we have scoped the vastness of the universe pretty well in the last few years and have found no signs of any other intelligent life (not that it would matter if we did, in my opinion, because it does nothing to disprove a creator of it all), lending to the notion that we are pretty special.  

Some may think we are insignificant compared to the wondrous size and elements of the universe, but I tend to think just the opposite.  We are designed in a beautiful way and extremely significant.  Just look at the amazing DNA molecule!  A beautifully constructed code that generates massive amounts of information, unique to every individual on the planet. And the best part, in my opinion, is that molecule also lends to the notion of a creator because information comes from minds : )

How does the design argument for God’s existence pertain to physical health?

Again, this topic (like the cosmological argument described in God and the Problem of Infinity) is important for establishing a creator of the universe/all of reality.  Intelligent design in the world (and in ourselves) gives us another example of the nature of God.  He created everything out of love and designed the world, its inhabitants, plants, animals, stars, etc. with spectacular beauty!  Beliefs in (and praying to) a personal, loving creator positively impacts our mental and physical health and appearance.  

Another way we can associate the topic with physical health to focus on this idea of design, and apply it to diet and fitness.  The human body was designed to be mobile, not sedentary.  The human body was designed to eat certain foods (or you could say that certain foods were designed for the human body).  Keep this in mind when working on the physical aspects of health.  Move every day and eat the foods you were designed to eat!  If you are unsure or need a little help with exactly what to do/eat, let me suggest applying the Prometa Health principles.  Use God’s word (or the universe, or listen to your heart), use logic, and use science to determine what works best for you (essentially, look at health from ALL aspects – spiritual, mental, physical).   Here’s a quick example of what I use:

  1. What does God say? – eat lots of plants (All of the green plants I have provided for you as food… from Genesis ; ), so go heavy on the greens
  2. What does logic say? – Lean meats, fish, chicken, cows, fruits and veggies come from nature and taste really good (our ancestors have already determined for us the certain foods that are unhealthy/don’t taste good, which we can now happily avoid!)
  3. What does science say? – same as number 2, with maybe a little tweaking with regards to pre and post work/out or strenuous activity (ex: when specifically to eat carbs)

Keep it simple!  Eat what you were designed to eat.  Move (sweat) everyday – unless your body is telling you to rest, then rest!

Reasonable Faith: Christian Truth and Apologetics


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