The holiday season is a unique time of year where people make a focused effort to give to one another and go out of their way to be especially kind and generous.  It’s a beautiful time where people go above and beyond to help one another and employ great acts of selflessness.  This is such an excellent time of year (aside from the obvious cheer and excitement the holiday brings) because giving is another activity that can be tremendously impactful for our health in a positive way!

There are many scientifically validated benefits of generosity:

Lowers stress

Increases happiness at work

Benefits more people working together, leading to higher levels of success

Increases in life longevity

Strengthens marriage / personal relationships

Decreases depression

Increases self esteem

Lowers blood pressure

Giving is also a good way to combat the changing of the seasons and potential health detriments (cold and flu, seasonal depression) because generosity is good for your health!  The factors above lead to an optimal immune system to fight off the inevitable sicknesses that come with the changing seasons.  

These benefits also have a profound affect on our energy levels and motivation.  Quite simply, when we are happier, feel better about ourselves, are energized and full of positivity, we can take that feeling to the gym/out into nature/fitness club and perform exercises better with more consistency. It’s a lot easier to knock out a workout routine when you are full of passion rather than stressed out or going through the motions of the daily grind. 

A very simple way to pick up your spirits and rid yourself of negativity is to do the same for someone else!  Give your love, kindness, help, charity to another person and feel the physical effects take over your body and change your state.  

It can’t be stressed enough: to improve upon physical health you must take consistent, focused action with respect to diet, sleep and exercise. That all stems from mindset and how you feel from a metaphysical perspective. A great way to improve upon that state is to give back and employ more generosity in your life, especially during this holiday season!

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