For centuries, we have realized that there exists a little voice inside of our heads, or an innate intuition, that speaks to us with regards to our external environments.  We have all heard the terms  “listen to your heart”, or “go with your gut instincts” when making certain choices in life, yet many of us chose to ignore these instincts and feelings.  Science has recently shown that we should, in fact, pay closer attention to what our hearts are telling us.  We actually have a biological energy field, stemming from our hearts, that “senses” our environment and provides us with suggestive feedbacks relating to our surroundings.  

Experiments have confirmed this energy field stemming from the heart and have shown the heart essentially has a mind of its own.  In this article from Waking Science, the mechanism in which the heart functions more than just a pump is described:

“Because the heart generates the strongest electromagnetic field, the information stored in its electromagnetic field affects every organ and cell in your body. Could this be why the heart is the first organ to function in a fetus? Besides generating the strongest electromagnetic field, the heart has an intelligence of its own, which is why certain neurocardiologists refer to it as the heart-brain or the fifth brain.

According to neurocardiologists, the heart is not only made of muscle cells but also neurons. Researchers at the Institute of HeartMath have done experiments proving that the heart’s role is not limited to just pumping blood. They believe it has intelligence and plays a major role in the perception of reality.

The nervous system of the heart contains roughly 40,000 neurons or sensory neurites. One of its roles is to monitor the heart’s hormones, neurochemicals, heart rate, and pressure information. The information of how these chemicals behave is also sent to the brain. The heart and brain are always communicating through the vagus nerve system and the electromagnetic field of the body. It is through this dynamic communication process that the consciousness of the heart can change how the brain process information. This process can also affect how energy flows in the body.”

People can feel the emotions and sheer presence of others in the same room through this heart energy field mechanism.  Additional studies have shown that the energy in the electromagnetic fields of hearts can affect the brain wave patterns and electrical activity of another person’s heart, both through contact, as well as noncontact!  

We possess the energy and ability to affect others simply by our presence and the state which we present ourselves to the world.  Our hearts, in addition to our minds, give us information and input with respect to our environments and our realities.  It is important to listen to and trust our hearts in various life situations we may find ourselves in, or various actions we take, especially regarding health improvement.

This is a key reason why we are passionate about “trusting our hearts” when it comes to health improvement activities, such as diet, fitness and sleep.  For example, our bodies have multiple sensory inputs to let us know when we are satisfied (when it’s time to stop eating and prevent over-eating), when we are in a flow state, when we are exercising too much, when we need to rest or decompress and when we are stressed out.  Pay attention to these signs from your heart and body to achieve optimal health!


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