The Prometa Health mobile app was created for individuals wanting to improve upon their metaphysical health.  The app is a comprehensive tool that can be easily utilized anytime during the day for key metaphysical practices (reading, writing, journaling, relationship building), which improve upon spiritual/mental/emotional states.  Science has shown that these specific practices lower stress levels, decrease blood pressure, enhance cognitive and memory function, promote relaxation and improve immune function.

The app also contains features, such as audio and visual recording capabilities, social media integration, and the ability to interact directly with the Prometa Health team.  To get the best experience from the mobile app, take the following actions:


1. Read – 1 thought provoking article/day

There are a few icons where this can be accomplished:  Prometa Health Website Icon (links to the Prometa Health Articles), Metaphysical Health News Icon (links to the latest Google articles regarding meditation, mindfulness, spirituality; link to twitter feed with additional metaphysical article posts), Resources Icon (links to scientific and spiritual research websites).


2. Journal – 5min/day

Use the Journaling Icon.  Simply write down your thoughts, emotions, vision, goals daily (and anytime a new idea pops into your mind you want to capture).


3. Listen – 1 podcast episode/day

Under the Resources Icon you will find links to various spiritual and scientific websites, all containing podcasts and/or you tube channels.  Hint: Listen to a podcast episodes at 1.5x speed on a drive to/from work, perhaps, or just few minutes each day.  The Prometa Health Podcast is in the works and will be another audio option in the near future!


4. Build Relationships – 1 new conversation or connection/day

The Social Media Icon and the Community Engagement Icon provide the avenue for the users to interact with one another.  Sharing a common interest of health improvement can be used as the catalyst for support, accountability and forming new, meaningful relationships.


Utilization of the mobile just a few minutes each day will lead to an increase in spiritual strength, mental and emotional toughness, as we as an overall improvement in health.  It is easy to use and a one-stop-shop for metaphysical health practices.  Download the app and take action starting today!!


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