Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is best described as a way to influence brain behaviors through language pattern recognition, nonverbal communication, and various “programming” techniques.  Popularized by Tony Robbins, NLP is a practice that can be utilized to change or improve behavioural patterns, improve rapport, eliminate negative beliefs and increase mental toughness.  There are a number of NLP techniques that can be learned and certification courses available.  Below are some of the most important practices, which are extremely beneficial for immediate metaphysical health improvement:

 Mirroring – Helps to build rapport and trust

The act of mirroring is performed by copying subtle, unconscious behaviors of the person we are talking to/interacting with.  For example, if we are in an interview and want the potential boss to like us, we would mimic the way they are sitting in their chair, mimic the tone/volume of their voice, find something to relate to them on a personal level from a similar experience shared, etc. People innately gravitate to and build rapport with similar, like-minded individuals.

Loop Break – Helps to take control of feelings and reactions

This is a simple conscious act of taking action to remove the body/mind from an undesired state.  For example, if a person cuts you off while driving, you could burst out into song to take the mind immediately off of the anger caused by the other driver.  The body goes where the mind takes it and the chemical reactions occurring within the body following an intense/stressful/angry state only last seconds if you control your mindset.

Framing –  Helps to change emotions regarding memories

Negative feelings toward a memory can have lingering effects and cause unwanted stress on the body.  The act of framing can help us to move passed the emotion generated from a memory that may be holding us back from accomplishing a task or goal.  An example of a negative emotion established from a memory could be a “botched” work presentation.  The embarrassment and stress created by that event could be preventing us from wanting to give another work presentation or stand up and speak in from of an audience again.

The way framing would be used to overcome the negative emotion established would be to picture yourself right in the middle of the presentation, but view it from a 3rd person perspective.  Take a snapshot in your mind and make it blurry, or out of focus.  Now envision putting a frame around it and hanging it on the wall in a public place.  Watch other people walk passed it, just going about their business in your mind.  This act, which may take a few times to feel the effect, takes the significance out of the memory and removes the emotion associated with it.

 There are numerous other NLP techniques and resources that serve as excellent metaphysical/mindset strengthening tools.  Learning the art of, or even becoming a master at Neuro-Linguistic Programming could change your life, improve your health and help you overcome some of the barriers preventing you from achieving break-through success in your life.


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