What exactly is metaphysical health improvement?  When we use the term “metaphysical”, we are referring to any non-physical (or “beyond” physical) aspect of health, generally dealing with the mind/body/spirit connection in some capacity. For example, many of the blog posts, articles, and references in here will include (but won’t be limited to):



 Mental imagery

 Conscious/subconscious/unconscious thought




 World View


 Mind/Body/Soul/Spirit Connection 

Essentially we can’t touch, taste or physically act upon these aspects of our reality, but they can affect how we physically look and feel (our physical health).  Developing practices like the ones listed above can improve and optimize our energy, our ability to process stress, and the way we think about our lives and the lives of others.  They also directly affect our ability to perform the actions associated with physical health.  Daily mindset practices strengthen our performance in the gym and in the kitchen.  Obviously, the physical aspect of health is important as well, and because it’s in direct relation with the metaphysical stuff, we’ll also be diving into things like:


Exercise/strength training/cardio



Body Energy 





Our goal is to show how metaphysical practices directly affect physical reality and provide the resources for you to be able to leverage your metaphysical actions to improve your physical health.  Our belief is that daily action with respect to metaphysical health improvement is crucial towards improving physical health, as well as emotions, feelings, thoughts, and the way we all show up in the world.  All too often people get caught up in the next diet fad, fitness craze, or tracking device to improve their physical health, when they have all of the tools they will ever need right inside of their heads (and hearts).  We aim to go beyond the physical and take a comprehensive approach towards improving health. 

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