Prometa Health takes a comprehensive approach towards improving all things heart health (spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical); specifically, focusing on strengthening metaphysical aspects (beliefs, purpose, mindset, faith etc.) to improve upon the physical.  Typically, people engage in physical activities when trying to improve heart health, such as eating organic/natural foods, exercising, and getting quality sleep.  While these are all important and fully encouraged, we feel it is more important to start with and focus on the spiritual and mental aspects (which directly affect the physical).  

Not only will a strong spiritual and mental game enable you to perform the physical tasks on a more consistent basis at a higher level, but certain metaphysical practices can literally improve the way the human heart/body physically looks and functions biologically. Additionally, many people turn to science for health improvement when they have all the tools right inside of their hearts and minds to live healthy lives.

Science is an excellent tool for “final” health optimization (as well as validating the importance and impact of metaphysical practices :), but science should be kind of a last resort.  You can live a perfectly healthy life without the need for drugs, supplements, tracking devices, etc. if you master the spiritual and mental game.  We aim to help achieve that mastery and health improvement.


Our goal with Prometa Health is to deep dive into the different aspects of metaphysical heart health (the WHAT), show WHY scientifically, logically, and philosophically they are so important, and finally show HOW to master those activities to ultimately optimize your physical heart health.  We want to bring awareness and a better understanding into the power of the mind/body/soul connection and show people that it is, in fact, very “cool” (contrary to popular belief) to meditate, pray, practice mindfulness, visualizations and affirmations on a daily basis.  We want to build a community of fully engaged health fanatics who will support each other and hold one another accountable in their quests to better themselves.  

One of the reasons why people fall short of their quest to better themselves and, say, eat poorly or make unhealthy lifestyle choices is because they tie pleasure to those things and the pain is not felt until it has gone on way too long!  Healthy food is delicious, working out is a blast (especially with someone), the natural high (and energy) felt after a workout or after meditation/deep prayer/visualization is better than any artificial high!!  The ultimate pleasures are derived from esperiences within the heart, which is why we are so passionate about helping people achieve this and bringing awareness to the subject.


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